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Asian Developmental Bank (ADB)


Established in 1966, Asian Developmental Bank (ADB) is a regional developmental bank, with the aims of facilitating economic development and reducing poverty in Asia. To fulfill its mandate, ADB works with experts in various field, share information through regional forums and publication of specialized papers and books. ADB’s main services are loans, grants, policy dialogue, technical assistance and equity investments.

Activities of ADB with CAP:

1.      Study on 30 cases of contract farming, funded by ADB (2006)

2.      Seed Industry Development and Key Policy Issues in Vietnam, funded by ADBI 2012)

3.      Development of Agricultural Markets and Supply Chain in Vietnam, funded by ADBI (2012)

Improvement of Food Safety, Value Addition and Environment Protection of Vietnam’s Smallholder Producers via Informatics Technology based Traceability System – Cases of Chicken Sector, funded by ADB (2015 – 2016)